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Blog tour and Guest post - Unexpected Powers by Chris McHart

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Unexpected, Book Four
Ash’s life hasn’t been the best so far. Mated to a man he hates, he resigns himself to his fate of being abused. When his mate kidnaps the highly pregnant Alex, they become friends, and to Ash’s surprise, Alex’s rescuer saves him as well. Now he can start a new life, but it’s going to be a lonely one, due to his visible and invisible scars.
D didn’t seek out a man, but one look at Ash and he’s head over heels in love. But Ash needs to work through his issues before he can see D’s love for him. Slowly, Ash learns to trust D, but with their growing feelings, other strange phenomena appear. What’s up with lights turning on without Ash touching the switch and doors opening on their own? Is something dangerous happening and threatening their blossoming love? Or is it something else altogether?

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Unexpected Powers by Chris McHart

Unexpected Series

Alex’s Surprise
Alex wanted a night of hot passion with Gerome, but he gets more than he ever bargained for. His life will be changed forever in a world where he’ll be thrown in jail— or worse— for being pregnant.
Alex’s best friend, Sam, has been acting strange ever since he met Alex’s one-night stand, but now Alex needs help in order to hide, and Sam is his only hope.
Saving Alex
Not only is Alex pregnant, something punishable by jail time, but Gerome, the father of the baby, is a vampire prince. When strangers invade Alex’s home and kidnap him, he doesn’t know who is responsible, if he’ll ever see the man he loves again, or even get to see the child growing inside him.
Considering himself the father of his lover’s child, Sam has a hard time standing around and letting others plan Alex’s rescue. But when the Prince and his trackers find an important clue, the race to save his beloved is on. Now all he can do is cross his fingers that the scheme they’ve devised will work.
When Prince Gerome receives ransom demands, the instructions are clear: mate a complete stranger or he’ll never see Alex or the child he carries again. Will he be able to convince his newly intended to help, or will those seeking to dethrone his family win this evil game of blackmail?
Mate Me, Hate Me, Date Me, Love Me
When his father, King Harold, forces Prince Gerome to mate a complete stranger in order to save his unborn child, he complies with a heavy heart and says goodbye to all his dreams of finding love. Gerome’s hurt and treats his mate the way he’s been taught all his life: through power and submission. But with Luis, it doesn’t work.
When Luis is mated off to a stranger, his world ends. He was a carefree student one day and the next a vampire prince demands his submission. He can’t run, but he can hide and hate in silence. So he withdraws until only a shell remains.
Neither of the men has any chance of finding love together until a friend intervenes. Can Gerome forget what he’s been taught all his life, and is it possible for Luis to forget what’s happened to him? Will they ever find their own happy ending? And can love blossom where only hate exists?
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Guest Post: The King and the Queen 

King Harold is a hard king with quite a soft heart. He’s one of the most misunderstood characters in the series. He’d do everything to protect his coven, but he sometimes is too set in his beliefs. Born into a world where no love exists, he never learned to value his mate or his children. He even threatens to kill Alex and his own grandchild, even though that’s just an empty line. He couldn’t do that.
But he doesn’t love anyone. While he likes the Queen enough, he owned her. He never showed her love. Neither of them knew it could be different, until the day Gerome and the Queen challenge him.

The Queen herself never had a chance to stand up against her husband, until the moment Gerome brings her children back to the palace to face the King. Then she actually shows her backbone. No one except Gerome believes she has it in herself to stand up against the King, but it’s her support that changes the law.

Through her, they bring the world as they’d known it to fall, and to become something better and greater. A world where love is possible. A world where you can mate the person you love.

The King, though he grumbles about it, has to admit it’s not all bad once he sees the world doesn’t come to an end. And the Queen? She moves out and forces her husband to work for her. She has no intention to leave him, but she wants love and respect, not power.


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Author Chris McHart

About the Author

Chris McHart lives in Germany, with her husband, slave, Dom, partner in crime, and muse (all in one person, not even she’s that kinky!). She loves her husband, men in kilts and Scotch Whisky. Her idea of a perfect evening is to curl up with her laptop and write (the other options are not suitable to post in public).
Visit her blog or friend her on Facebook, where you can join her author group.

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