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Blog Tour – Angel’s Feather by Alina Popescu

Angel’s Feather by Alina Popescu
Recently released gay science fiction novella Angel’s Feather, the first book in the Flyer Chronicles series.

Angel’s Feather Synopsis

How far would you go for the one you love? How much of yourself would you sacrifice?
Trapped on a decaying Earth and cut off from the rest of the Universe, humans are no longer allowed to leave their planet. Break this one law and you die: a penalty enforced by flyers, aliens who look like angels of long-lost religions. Michael, the flyers’ leader, is the Punisher who carries out every public execution.
Adam, a young human with near-perfect memory, is committed to rebuilding Earth and a true believer in the flyers’ dominion. While Adam’s support for flyers isn’t a secret, his deep love for Michael is. Not even Michael knows, for his kind never take human lovers, and to Adam, they are too far above him to reach.
In his broken and unwelcoming world, Adam’s love can only lead to pain, loss, and disaster. Yet there is no force in the huge expanse of stars and galaxies that can stop Adam from following Michael to the end of existence. Not even Adam’s own beliefs.


Not long after our departure, Michael nudged me and told me to look at our destination. He pointed to an old building, half of it in ruins, the other still standing. It was built on the side of a mountain, on some sort of plateau overlooking the valley beneath. I imagined it allowed for glorious views back when it was still in use. Two large windows on one of the upper levels were brightly lit, and I could tell it was a room people used to live in.
“What is it?” I asked, digging my fingers into his skin as we got closer and I saw the large bed in the middle of the room bathed in golden light.
“It used to be a hotel, a very luxurious one, I’m told. The rich and famous used to come here.”
I choked on my own saliva, remembering all the hotel rooms with rose petals I’d read about or seen in movies. This was a date, or something close to it. And Michael seemed to have big plans for it.
He swerved and circled the building until he found a large enough opening.  He landed with such grace, it made my breath hitch. I wobbled a little when he released me, and he steadied me, a playful smirk on his lips. I got all flustered and blushed furiously, turning away from him to hide it. Michael caught my hips before I could move too far. He pressed his body flush against mine and kissed the side of my neck.
“You make my heart beat faster when you blush like that,” he said hoarsely, and I could feel him hardening. I leaned against him, reaching behind to grip his waist. “Walk, Adam. I think we should hurry to the room I’ve prepared.”
Michael pushed me further without releasing me from the embrace, and we both stumbled along the dark, dusty hallway until we reached the one door with light peeking from under it. He pushed it open and I was greeted by the most beautiful sight.


I have to admit I was familiar with the idea behind the story and I had been waiting for it for about two year. I was not disappointed. I just love the end result, so much that the Flyer Chronicles might be my new favorite series.
The post-apocalyptic world is so believable I had to go out to check my beloved city is still here, because, judging by how mankind is going, a future such as the one described in Alina's Angel's Feather is entirely possible. Here, there are no more cities or large settlements, there are only remnants of once great civilizations which humans are trying to recycle. Just like the tractor Adam is rebuilding. 
Adam is in an interesting character. He can see beyond the simple realities of the day to day life and understands that rules are in place for a reason. In fact, there is just one rule: don't leave the planet, set for their own safety as much as for the safety of the entire universe, which I totally get. The breaking of this, is punished by death by the flyers enforcers, a race of aliens in the shape on men with wings, and especially by their leader, Michael. 
While there are romantic elements to the story, it's not a romance per se. Adam and Michael do get together, but they do not end up together. The book is split into pre and -post Michael. The pre-Michael is sweet and full of hope, despite the destroyed world they live in, while the post-Michael one is dark and ansgty. Alina captures perfectly the switch in Adam's mind and personality when Michael leaves. His action, even his callousness toward the deaths his fellow men, is perfectly relatable. 
I hope that in the next installment to see more of Michael's world, and perhaps, to find a way for the men and the flyers to live in peace and to evolve together. Wishful thinking, I know, but I love Adam and this world so much!!!

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Angel's Feather by Alina Popescu


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Author Alina PopescuWriter, traveler, and coffee addict, Alina Popescu has been in love with books all her life. She started writing when she was ten and she has always been drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural realm. Born and raised in Romania, she finds her inspiration in books of all genres, in movies, and the occasional manga comic book. She is a proud geek who needs her fast Internet and gadgets more than she needs air.
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