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Nature Of The Beast (MF) (Tangled Bonds Book 1)

After sorceress Alexandra tries to kill her insane father, her fae uncle expels her from the Otherworld in an attempt to keep her safe. Living among humans, she keeps her connection with the supernatural by working for vampires and werewolves.

When she stumbles upon a hurt werewolf pup her efforts to heal him inadvertently break the bonds tying the young lycan to the pack, making her his new alpha.

This is the least of Alexandra’s worries though, for back in the Otherworld her father has not forgotten her. He dispatches an assassin to kill her. But just who is this mysterious foe, and what will their arrival mean not only to Alexandra but to the delicate balance of the world?

Reviews: by deelovesalphas on ARe  on Jul 24, 2016
A recent read that left me on a total cliffhanger with no possible date when the second will come (trust me I looked). *sighs and sadness* But its fine, the book was still a good read. Slow to start but once it did, you get wrapped up in surprises and strong twists and turns. A bit predictable about who the villain is but you just never know who might pop up or what might happen next. You get a sense of the characters. Especially the main female, Alexandra and her struggles. You will end up liking her because of those struggles and battles. And her sense of right and wrong even though she wasn't meant to have a moral compass. Its really a great read. Very surprising since I picked this up on whim and this was my first book by the author.

 Breaking Ground (MMM)   (Taking Chances 2)

Having survived the encounter with the necromancer, Darien looks forward to spending some time with Zephyr and their new lover, Adam. After all, getting back to his old life is not that much to ask for. But nothing is as it should be and while his body healed, his mind is overcome by blood lust. Conflicts break out throughout Bucharest, challenges are issued, and the damaged energetic protection of the city makes it more difficult for the vampire to hold onto his sanity and protect his territory.
Without allies and not knowing who to trust, will Zephyr and Adam get to the root cause? Will an incubus and a fledgling be able to help Darien keep together or will he succumb to the thirst gnawing at him? Is there a place for Adam in Darien and Zephyr's lives and hearts?
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.

Daring Adam (Taking Chances 1)

A loner by nature, the several-centuries-old vampire, Darien, has everything under control. He has his friend and long-time lover, Zephyr the incubus, and he is the master of his own territory. But then, dead bodies are left in a silent challenge for him to find and though he suspects to be the work of a vampire, he has no proof. Just when he thinks that nothing else could go wrong, he meets Adam, the newborn vampire. Trying to protect him, Darien is dragged in the old catacombs where he has to face an old enemy and the power behind her.
Now everything becomes a race against time for Adam and Zephyr rushing to get to Darien, painfully aware that the decisions they make and the people they trust could mean the difference between life and death for them or Darien.

Floating on air (free download)

He'd heard the rumors. Douglas was back in town. Why was he back? Does he remember Adrian? Does Adrian have a shot with him after all these years?

Perfect Timing (MM)

Valentin Alekseev prays for death while fleeing for his life, hunted for secrets he shouldn't know exist. With his home in ruins and his master killed, he’s in such bad shape he can’t even tell that the man who’s caught his eye is a shifter. He should know better than to bring innocent bystanders into his mess of a life, but Fate has other plans.

Twenty-seven years old, Shawn Dougal never thought he’d fall for a man, much less a bloodsucker. But how else can he explain the sudden lapse in judgment that has him traveling halfway across Romania, risking his own life to save Valentin’s? And will breaking and entering a centuries-old castle full of vampires be enough to get his lover back?

Professional Reviews

5 NYMPHS: "Vampire Valentin Alekseev stopped to rest at a tavern, miles away from his homeland, hoping he can stay ahead of his pursuers, intent on killing him. Valentin is the only survivor from his Russian coven. When cat-shifter Shawn Dougal walks into the tavern, he is immediately drawn to the scent of his mate. Valentin and Shawn are both surprised to discover that they are destined to be together. Perfect Timing is a fascinating action packed comical romance of two unlikely paranormals mated. However, the plot illustrates the increased survival benefits of their union. Valentin has been poisoned from drinking tainted blood, unable to feed; Valentin is slowly starving to death. Valentin soon discovered he can tolerate Shawn’s blood plus gain loss strength. Valentin still retains some of his powers which are a benefit during several deadly attacks on them both. Valentin has lost some of his ability to scent different species; Shawn is a great scent tracker. Valentin is a bit of a romantic as well as easily hurt by negative words. Shawn has a touch of a snarky attitude mostly due to his bewilderment of being mated to a male vampire. Shawn was never attracted to men prior to meeting Valentin. There are a couple of brief intimate scenes, although the main focus of the plot is dramatic action rather than detailed lovemaking. Aimée Brissay’s Perfect Timing is a thrilling and enjoyable happy-for-now saga with enough of an open ending to continue Valentin and Shawn’s exciting adventures." -- Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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