Thursday, March 10, 2016

My book is out tomorrow and I'm ....

I'm terrified. It's not even my first story.  How pathetic is that?

But this one is so different from everything I've written before and I've put so much of myself into it, I can't even begin to guess what would you all think about it. Usually I have a pretty good grip on the way a new story is going to be received. Not this time. Of course, not founding out is not an option. I can't avoid the social media, not matter how much I would want to, and I am not sure it would be such a good idea. As I see it, my only option is to man up and believe in myself and in my work. Easier said than done.

But first, I'll watch MASH 4077 until I drop from my feet and try not to think about the release tomorrow.

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