Sunday, December 6, 2015

Rooftops by John Wiley

Title: Rooftops

Author: John Wiley
Genre: Contemporary, Gay Romance, New Adult
Length: Novel
Publisher: Wayward ink Publishing


Its summer and three friends from Ohio graduate college, ready to start making their way in the real world.
Rhys; the eternal optimist who wants to be an actor and moves to Los Angeles.
Erick; the career man, seeking money and position who moves with him.
And Joey; the aspiring artist, who for the love of his girlfriend, Cheryl, stays behind in Ohio.
While attempting to follow their dreams each must face their share of personal and professional obstacles. Each is tested. Will they lose sight of themselves?
Will old friendships fall apart and new friendships form?
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About the author

JOHN WILEY is currently a barista that hates coffee, but is really good at making it. When not writing, he likes to expose his cat to as many Christmas movies as possible. Just like his life, his biography is a work in progress.



The concept of the story was interesting, three young men becoming adults and facing life on their own. The approach was fresh and engaging. There were a bit too many secondary characters that didn't bring much to the story in my opinion, but that wasn't too big of an issue in the end. What did bother me, making the story hard to follow, was the fact the the book is written in present tense. This is in fact the reason I'm rating it 3 stars and not more. 

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