Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sunday Excerpt

Funny how real life manages to interfere with my writing and my posting time. This Sunday Excerpt was supposed to happen weekly, but it has turned to bi-monthly or even less. Granted, the last 3 month were easier and now I'm finally, finally, getting my kitchen done, and my place is a mess. But what had threw me the most was a pregnancy and its loss. I was so tired during that those 9 weeks and I slept so much during that time, I barely had time to do anything else. Then I lost the baby and I was still tired and not feeling good. Needless to say, I didn't write during this time. But I will now, because I miss it and I need it back.

I'm not making plans for next year, but I will say this: I will succeed. I will write more, publish more and I will be one or several steps closer to the dream of being a full time writer. In the meanwhile, here is a short excerpt of my current WIP, Dom for hire (working title).

The handle felt heavy in Wes’s hand. Too heavy. He looked at the tool he had used countless of times before and not finding anything different about it. Yet, the handle was too hard, too uncomfortable to his palm. He watched his fingers tightening around it grip like he had never seen that before. And all the while, the grip remained too loose and unbalanced.
What was wrong with him? Connor, that was what it wrong with him.

The sub in front him fidgeted, reminding him how long he had been standing in silence. 

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