Sunday, November 27, 2016

Excerpt Sunday - Daring Adam (MMM) Taking Chances book 1

Darien brushed his fingers over Zephyr’s cheek before tangling it in the man’s hair and pulling him closer, bringing their mouths together. The incubus’s lips opened under his and their tongues touched. Zephyr moaned and sucked on the vampire’s tongue, asking for more, and Darien gave it to him. He tasted, nibbled, teased, until he had the incubus melt in his arms. Only then did he pull back.
“You’ve said something about a break?”
“Hmm. Yes.” The incubus jumped back and threw the towel he had tucked in his waistband back on the bar.
“Jules, I’m taking my ten,” Zephyr shot over his shoulder to the redhead that worked the other side of the bar, before skirting round the counter, grabbing the vampire’s hand, and dragging him to his office.

As soon as the door closed behind them, Darien had him pinned against the wall, their mouths locked together in a savage kiss. His hands flew to the incubus’s fly and had the buttons open in no time. He sneaked one in and rubbed the fat cock inside, groaning. Damn, the little sprite wasn’t wearing any underwear. The vampire brushed his lips over his lover’s throat and Zephyr’s head lolled backwards, eyes closed. 
Darien’s mouth found one of the incubus’s nipples and latched onto it, tongue teasing the ring attached to it. Zephyr moaned, and his hands tangled in the vampire’s hair, gently urging his head lower down his body. Heeding the silent request, Darien dropped to his knees. He latched his hands under the waistband of his lover’s pants and, with a powerful tug, had them around Zephyr’s ankles. They’d been intimate for so long, Darien knew exactly what his lover liked. He placed his hands on the incubus’s ass cheeks to keep him steady as he sank down onto the dick in front of him, taking it to the root in one swift motion. Zephyr’s hand tightened in the vampire’s hair and his back arched, trying to push his cock deeper in the wet heat enveloping it.

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