Friday, June 10, 2016

Blog Tour – A Trust to Follow by Diana Waters

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Title: A Trust to Follow
Author: Diana Waters
Genre: Gay Romance, Historical/Fantasy
Length: Novella
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


Prince Daymon is an Evoker—possessor of rare and feared magical powers.
When he is captured by bandits who plan to use his gifts for their own benefit he must depend upon his lover to come to his rescue.
Rhyder is captain of Daymon’s personal guard and the legendary ‘Lion of the West’, but can he reach the man he loves before it’s too late?
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Daymon let the words sink in, not quite able to believe his ears at first. Rhyder, the legendary swordsman, was going to be their captain of the guard. The same Rhyder that Daymon had hero-worshipped for months now, despite not once having laid eyes on the man. Stories were embellished over time and distance of course, but tales of Rhyder’s exploits had already become legend. He was one of the best warriors the kingdom had ever seen, as was his father before him, and the fact that he had no title to his name made this fact even more worthy of gossip and speculation. Rhyder’s mastery with the sword was possibly matched only by his fierceness in battle, or so everyone said, and both had caught the attention and imagination of the general populace.

Daymon could see why. He should have known that this was no ordinary soldier. He could barely make out his features from this distance, but there was an energy about him that all but demanded Daymon—and probably anybody else in Rhyder’s vicinity—sit up and take notice. At first glance, Rhyder’s looks alone were not particularly unusual; he seemed of average height and build, with medium-brown hair, eyes that were probably of a similar shade, and the same kind of complexion that Daymon had been surrounded by all his life. But only a fool, so Daymon thought to himself, would consider Rhyder in any way “average”, even if they knew nothing else about him.
“Ahem. Perhaps if we could get back to our studies…?”
“Oh!” His cheeks were no doubt burning again. But before Daymon finally pulled his eyes away, he saw Rhyder turn slightly, like he could feel Daymon’s eyes on him. Daymon turned away, as though caught in the act of doing something unseemly, but not before he was sure he had seen Rhyder smile.


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About the Author

DIANA WATERS is a New Zealander currently living in rural Japan. She has no idea where in the world she’ll be this time next year and is pretty okay with that. Other than reading and writing, her main passions include travel, Japanese pop culture, and competitive swimming.
DIANA WATERS can be found at:

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