Friday, July 31, 2015

So You Want to Be an Indie Author?

Let's hear it for Alina Popescu!!!

Hello everyone!  A pleasure to be here on the blog of one of my favorite indie authors.  And that’s the key word in this exercise: author. Do I see myself as one? I am more comfortable saying I am a writer. Am I published? Yes, I self-published some books and shorts, and I also release gay fiction works through an independent publisher, Wayward Ink Publishing.
Why am I more comfortable saying I am a writer? Well, cause being a writer is the fun part. You write your stories and have fun with your characters. You follow what’s in your mind and heart and enjoy the creative aspect of your life.
Being an author? Now, that’s the real life thing. It’s like the difference between childhood and adulthood. You have to worry about editing, publishing, marketing, sales… All the real life stuff that happens after a story is completed. When you’re an indie, especially a self-published one, all of that real life stuff is mostly your responsibility.
Rewarding as it is, it’s still a tough endeavor. You’re vulnerable and open when you write, then you’re all fun, games, and thick skin when you take on your author persona. Yet it still is the best thing I ever had to be! And trust me, I went through a long corporate career before switching to writing and promoting books. I even was a tech support rep for about a year. That gives you perspective on a lot of things. Especially interaction with customers (translated to readers in the case of books).
Does it take special skills to be an indie author? Nothing other than those required to take the plunge and be published in any way. It does take passion, effort, and quite a lot of determination. What makes it better? The community, of course! Meeting amazing people every day, from authors and readers to editors and cover designers, models and photographers and… in some cases porn stars! Yup, that happens.

So a quick conclusion after about a year and a half where I’ve published three novels, a novella, and a few shorts? Totally worth it! In many, many different ways than I’ve originally imagined. So join the team, we want you!

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