Sunday, April 30, 2017

2017 publishing schedule

6 years after publishing my first novel, I have decided it is time to kick things up a notch. It had been an amazing journey, and I'm hoping that what comes next to be even better. And while I cannot currently afford to be a full time writer, I'm putting every free minute into it, hoping that, someday I will get there.  So, without further ado here is this year's publishing schedule:

April: Nature of the Beast (MMF, fantasy) - republished
April: Near Miss (MM contemporary) - republished
May:  Switching Wesley (MM BSDM contemporary)
June-July: Perfect Timing (MM, fantasy, vampires, shifters) - rewritten
August: Chance encounter (MMM, contemporary) - republished
September: Perfect Timing 2 (MM, fantasy, vampires, shifters)
October: Playing it safe (MM, BDSM, contemporary) - republished
November-December: Beneath the Mask (Nature of the Beast 2)

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  1. Good luck with everything, Aimee! You can do it :D