Sunday, September 20, 2015

52 First Dates - Mr Toronto by A. Lusch

Oh my god!!! A. Lusch has a new story out! How did I not know that???

I loved the idea behind the series, especially since this is based on a true story! It seemed I've been waiting for this particular one for soo long. A. Lusch cannot write them fast enough for me! This is the story of David and Sam, a flight attendant living half a world apart. I adore David. He's funny and smart and just the right amount of slutty. Sam is laid back, but knows exactly what he wants: David.
The story is well paced and the writing so well, it made me jealous of David for stumbling on threesome. Who does that anyway??? But hell, I loved it!

David's been searching for Mr. Perfect for some time. Having created the 52 First Dates challenge, he's steadily worked through first date after first date in order to find someone to truly click with. As a result, heartache has been no stranger to him in recent months. Now someone new is showing interest. And whilst London's gay scene is still the focus of David's hunt, could his true love lay on foreign shores? Amidst dating and drama, he's about to find out. Episode 1: The Man PLAN Episode 2: Friends and Frenchmen Episode 3: Seeing Double Episode 4: The Balancing Act Episode 5: The Tale of Mr Toronto

For one week only, grab The Tale of Mr Toronto for just 99c.

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